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adding a blog and comments features on an existing laravel website

Blog and community requirement:

high level requirement:
1- ability to create and publish blogs:
2- enable users to comment on these blogs
3- enable users to comment on certain non blog articles

4- user A get anotification if user B replies to user A’s comment.
5- User A get redirected to the comment when clicking on the notification.

For both ( Blogging and Notifications) we would prefer the use of existing plugins that integrates into our existing laravel application.



1- * an admin page where creation of blogs is possible.
* blogs page where viewing of the blogs list is possible.
* once user clicks on the summary of the blog on the listings page, they are taken to the details blog page.

2- * upon viewing of a blog, a use is able to submit a comment.

3- * there are existing pages that contain information (not blogs) that the user needs to be able to submit comments too.
* Therefore :- the user is able to comment on blogs and non blog content.


4- * creation of notification icon (top right) and notifications page (where all notifications are listed).
* user A gets a notification when:
+) User B replies to User A’s comment.

5- * when clicking on the notification icon the user is redirected to the notifications page. where a list of all notifications are presented.
* when the user clicks on any of the notifications, they are lead to the page/comment that the notifications is referring to.
* read and non read notifications are displayed differently
* mark all notification as read functionality.

6) Unit testings of all new the functionality