Backend Engineer for Web and REST API Interfaces

The Backend Engineer is responsible for architecting and developing server side solutions and applications, generally encompassing Web and REST API interfaces, backed by a database. You will be responsible for architecture, implementation, and deployment of the backend for your projects. You will be judged on code quality, code reliability, and predictability. The Backend Engineer works with the Lead Engineer and the Engineering Director to ensure that all requirements are met and hosting requirements are accounted for.

You must have extensive experience with multiple languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and Javascript, as well as with related frameworks like Laravel, Rails, Django, or Express. Database experience with MySQL/PostgreSQL is also required. MongoDB is a plus, as is DevOps experience. You must be flexible and able to work in various technology stacks by project, and able to carry your portion of the project from design to implementation to deployment, assisting in all areas possible.

This position is for upcoming projects. Project will have been through pre-production and design, and will reach you upon moving into development. Projects last varying lengths, and you may have more than one project at a time. We seek a full 8 hour work day from our engineers, though some of that will be communication and standups.

This is a full time position lasting for the duration of the production cycle. This is a full time position, and we expect the workload to be up to 40 hours a week while production is active. You will be expected to be available to attend daily stand ups, coordinate with a distributed multidisciplinary team, and complete all tasks on time and to specification. This is a remote work contract, but the worker must be available for 4 hours of overlap time with California (PST) daily between 9am-2pm PST.

Role Overview
Implement high quality server code and architecture.
Design JSON APIs and Database schemas, and assist other developers in interacting with them.
Attend team meetings, including project kick-offs, stand ups, and additional meetings as required.
Utilize and contribute to company wide code library

Qualifications & Skills:
Fluent in one or more of: Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Python.
Extensive experience in Server Side Object Oriented architecture and design.
Background in DevOps, Web, or Gaming a plus.
Solid understanding of OOP, MVC, and related technologies. At least 4 years experience in backend creation, development, and production.
Extensive experience with, and ability to communicate, intermediate engineering concepts.
Write clean, efficient, well-documented code.
Strong written and verbal English communication skills, including the ability to communicate issues and report project design and status to a diverse non-technical audience
Must be detail oriented, quality driven, straightforward, self-motivated, and proactive
Able to work independently, creatively, and track multiple deadlines to success
Able to accept constructive feedback on your work
Proven history working in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams
Experienced with software development methodologies as well as build and release procedures
Experience with project management or task tracking systems such as JIRA, Trello, or Pivotal Tracker preferred

About the Company

We are an agile and lean company focused on the development of high quality software across various platforms. Our primary activity is to acquire and sustain repeatable clients while sustaining a scalable business model.

Working Conditions

We are a fully remote company, and you will need to supply your own tools, including a computer that is connected to stable high speed internet, and a headset with clean audio for meetings.

Expected Hours of Work

Some flexibility in hours is allowed, but all team members must be available during the “core” work hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday. Workers must be available by Google Hangout, email, and Slack during designated work hours. Additional hours may be required when project completion deadlines must be met as well as for periodic client meetings. Hours will fluctuate based upon number of projects, project scale, and project timelines.