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We are having trouble with Laravel displaying. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details....

Laravel – 5.2 Backend | *New Freelancer are welcome* (Malaysian recommend)

•Good on writing script test
 *Know laravel 5.2 
*NDA need to be sign
 *Agreed with T&C --------------Term & condition------------------ 1. We will go 3.00 USD for the first 50 hours, then decide 4.00 (3USD + 1USD) Per hour. 2. Gitlab or Github knowledge is 100% required, please study frist...

PHP (Laravel).

Deal Site Add-On for existing Laravel Shop System Technical requirements  Technical requirements Today we have a system capable of handling both single and recurring purchases. The shop system is custom coded in PHP (Laravel). It’s programmed ‘by the book’ and thus very easy to maintain for a seasoned Laravel programmer. The...