Excellent Laravel PHP Developer

Need someone who is familiar with mailbox websites & imap settings.

This is a project that has an urgent deadline for this Friday.

Please follow the protocol as follows:
1) Import inbox and outbox from the day the first day they sign in forward, instead of pulling all past inboxes and outboxes – it is too slow if someone has a huge inbox

2) Save users that log in, in the database so they don’t have to keep logging in every time they go to the website – save their incoming messages from the first day they signed up, even if they log out.

3) Allow users to add multiple accounts and to toggle back and forth between them

4) Fix all sending related issues including reply mail

5) Auto detect api imap settings – for instance, I don’t want users to have to enter incoming host and outgoing host and ports for their email address – it should auto detect based on whether they write @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @aol.com, etc.

6) Make sure that there are no space or server issues – information should relay from mail incoming and outgoing server such as gmail, godaddy, hotmail, etc. , but we shouldn’t store anything on our server – so nothing slows down or backs up our hosting as it relates to mail and attachments – if 1,000 users are using this, we don’t want the server to be slowed down

7) Fix all incoming mail issues – make sure all mail is coming in properly