Front end web-developer

The initial deliverable is to apply UI that has already been created to a website

Frontend Web Developer

Job Description

Selected candidate will work closely under the Project Manager and Quality Controller.

Selected candidate’s position assumes part-time development, requiring app experience working with:
· Java
· Strong appreciation for programming responsiveness

Additional Preferred Programming Languages and Tech Skills:
· Solidity Smart Contract Programming on the ERC-20 blockchain network, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
· HTML/CSS and their respective precompilers, such as Pug/Sass.
· Frameworks: (NestJS, Laravel, Symfony)
· SSH keys and BitBucket/GitHub within a staged development process.
· Knowledge of accessing remote servers, along with basic CLI commands and packages

Bonus Points for
· Solidity and Smart Contract programming on the ERC-20 blockchain network
· Vue.js front-end JavaScript framework
· Knowledge of Blockchain, Crypto/Cryptocurrency, Privacy & Security Technologies
· Cryptocurrency exchange platforms, ERC-20 tokens
· Python
· JavaScript
· Responsive and client/device friendly HTML emails
· Scripting languages
· Data manipulation and experience handling information tables and CSV, JSON, et cetera

We understand that no selected candidate may have experience or knowledge in all of these areas.
No matter how seasoned, this is an opportunity to expand and apply your current knowledge and experience, while at the same time gain valuable endorsements for the future among the company.

Application Instructions

Desired Applicant Documentation:
· Curriculum Vitae/Resume
· Brief Cover Letter
· Optional references/letters of references
· Must include a link to portfolio and/or Github Repo or similar online portfolio of development work.

About the Company

We represent a growing workforce of 25+ personnel, actively working on the cutting edge of technologies that empower the revolution of privacy and security. Approaching the end of 2017, we undertook a vision to bring this fidelity to a rapid expansion of the blockchain and cryptocurrency arenas.

Our suite of products include:

· 2 mobile, encrypted-communications application platforms (Android, IOS)
· 3 desktop, encrypted-communications application platforms (Mac, Linux, Windows)
· 1 online, enterprise-software platform, enabling secure persistence and access of artificially intelligent voice-transcription services.
· 1 online Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform, incorporating the first offering of our branded cryptocurrency coin, existing on the ERC-20 blockchain.
· 1 online cryptocurrency exchange platform, powered by our branded coin.

At this point, we require additional assistance with our web-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, and a web-based Voice transcribing and indexing tool; although we also have other websites and mobile apps so there is a potential for extended work for the right individual.

We would like to ensure that responding candidates have properly read this offering in its entirety.
Please include the text “Random Cryptographic Strings” on line 1 of your proposal, former to any further detail.