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Frontend developer to produce website UI/UX and Data Visualization of web traffic

We’re looking for an exceptional frontend developer to design an awesome UI/UX for us. We need our entire site designed which includes an easy to use homepage interface and extensive data visualization for URL traffic data. You’ll be working on developing the frontend for the popular

We have the new backend mostly complete and are working on making sure we have what is needed to make it scale, but still need you to create our frontend for us. Initially this will be many hours of work each day, and then we would need ongoing support as we develop the site into a more feature-rich product.

You’ll be working closely with our backend developer to integrate the frontend and backend together. We are using Laravel (PHP framework) and therefore our project requires familiarity with the Vue.js framework, blade templates, and maybe a little PHP tweaking. You’ll also have to be capable of using one of the charting javascript libraries (and maybe mapping libraries).

To apply, please reply to this listing with the following:
1. Links to websites you made user interfaces for. Tell us what specifically you did on them (did the whole thing, or which specific parts). If there is anything about them that you would do differently, but didn’t because the client didn’t approve, let us know that too.
2. Your current skill level on the frameworks we require: vue.js, blade templates, laravel, charting frameworks, or anything else you would use.
3. How you would approach this project.
4. UI and design ideas you suggest.
5. What makes you stand out as a frontend developer.
6. Anything else you would like to add.

We want someone who pays close attention to detail, so those that do not include in their reply to this listing what is listed above will not be considered.