Advanced Laravel Framework Development - Dedicated Team from UkraineUncategorized Full-Stack Developer familiar with Python, JS and ideally PHP/Laravel

Full-Stack Developer familiar with Python, JS and ideally PHP/Laravel

This role will mostly consist of working with an in-house developer to assist in providing direction, input and code within Python and JS to aid in getting a standalone micro-service more resilient and ultimately scalable.

You will initially be tasked with picking up some outstanding tickets and required to document and potentially work on anything else that you know requires changing, updating or replacing as you go.

Ideally you would also have some experience with the following:
– Docker
– Event queue in python (Celery)
– Python server migration for production (WSGI – flask)
– mod_wsgi (apache)
– gunicorn
– Unit testing
– 3D Programming/Three.JS

Additionally our primary platform which will be talking to this Python Microservice is using Laravel, so some knowledge of PHP and Laravel would be a plus, but not essential.

We have a cross-functional team consisting of 4 in-house devs (Python, FE and FSx2) and 2 external devs (PHP BEx2). The platform itself consists of parsing 3D files and providing information back to our users. We are looking to become an industry leader in our field within the next few months.

We have attached a small and quick python test to guage your ability with Python, understanding of instructions and the importance of documentation and feedback.

Unfortunately due to the number of proposals, applicants without having done this test will likely be rejected automatically.