Full Stack Development

We are working on a project that includes:

Docker Deployment on Digital Ocean
PHP and API development using Slim PHP/Laravel (possibly some Codeigniter)
Database integration using mySql
Wordpress plugin development
Woo-commerce (possible integration requirements coming)

Developer MUST be able to work in USA time zones and speak PERFECT english. The application is in the automotive aftermarket and serves as a “service” that retrieves data from a 3rd API, and delivers the results to any number of web clients.

The process looks like this.

1. Our customer has a Web site built on wordpress site.

2. They install our WP plugin that connects to our Web Service API built in PHP.

3. WP plugin session is authenticated (done by verifying through our customer profile DB/record)

4. The plugin calls Our Web service API that retrieves data from a 3rd party database using another XML and/or JSON API call post authentication using an API ket retrieved during the prior Authentication.

5. The application retrieves year/make/model/series/etc. automotive data from the 3rd party company. one data type at a time, each time updating the the next dropdown. Example – if you select 2018 as the year, the following “make” field will show only “makes” that exist in the database for year 2018. It is a “drill down” process.

6. Once the we have “drilled” down to the last field, the system will retrieve a pert or a set of parts.

7. We would then compare those parts from the third party database to see if they (the parts) exist in our local customer profile manager database. If so, we inject whatever part modification(s) are necessary. For example, if a price for PART # P2314U needs to be modified by a percentage or a flat rate, we replace the viewed price on the customers web page with the “substituted” price. Other modification and conditional control logic exists as well regarding the display of data on the WP plugin presentation. Example might be, item is on Sale, Difficulty, a special per part note, etc.

In addition, there is a web management portal so each customer (customer is a web site owner that pays for our API service to mashup this data) can manage their own setting.

This system is currently working in Beta. We need someone savvy in the above technologies and that meets our requirements to take this over and assist in future development. We are also interested in someone that is willing to help create new innovative solutions in the app that we may not have considered. The right candidate will like get more work from us going forward. We are a software contracting firm and need fast developers that believe in well documented code.

An NDA signature will be necessary before any work is assigned.