Full Time AngularJS / VueJS / React Developer

We’re looking for a modern front end Web technologies developer to help us revamp some sections of our site.
Our site is a large scale application using PHP/CodeIgniter/Sass/jQuery, we’re currently looking to port some of its parts to Laravel and we need you to do the same on the front end side.

Your job will consist in helping us defining the new environment, while creating reusable components of our existing modules and finally creating entire new applications based on those components.
Some times you may need to dig in existing code and transform it in a modern JS component that can be easily reused across pages in the application.

This is a long term and full time position, we expect to find a person willing to work 6h to 8h a day, and to be part of our core team.

You will be speaking with different people in our team based in the US / France / Spain, all communication will be in English, so you need to have a Fluent conversational English level.

To evaluate the candidates applying to this job and to find the right person, we would like to ask you the development of a small project, a simple CRUD application to manage one Entity of our application.
We will present the project with the requirements and you will draft a solution of how you would implement that and the amount of time you will need for it. After your proposal we will do a short Skype conference to discuss the details and move to the next step.

## Project “Rebuild the Advertisers management”
In order to evaluate your posting we would like to present a little development so you can tell us how would you implement the following needs

Here’s the current ‘Advertisers’ management application, its a simple listing of all advertisers in our system with the possibility to add new ones or edit existing ones

The current interface to List existing advertisers is:

As theres thousands of entries you should be able to navigate through them (they are paginated) we have to go to “Next” page and “Previous” page as well as see the number pages in the bottom
Also you can search by Name, web or by ID using the searchbox in the top.
If you click on the column names “ID”,”Name”,”Web” you can sort all results A-Z or Z-A

Finally when clicking on the ‘Edit’ button here’s what you see:
In this page you can change the advertiser information, and upload a new picture for it.

Currently the implementation is pure-PHP, and we would like to have all that information loaded dynamically, so then searching, reordering or moving into another page should be done via ajax.

If you want to apply to this job we expect you to answer the following questions:
* How would you approach this problem ?
* Is there any information you need that wasn’t given in the project description ?
* Which front-end technology you think is the best to achieve the needs ?
* How much time would that take you to build this in such technology ?
* How would you modularize your code in order to make it reusable ?