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Full time Laravel (+ VueJs) engineer and back end team leader candidate

New shiny startup FoodDocs growing customer base keeps on asking more and more features.
Thus we need to bring another full time Larave (+VueJS) developer on the board of almost 10 people in the IT team already. We are making SaasS software for food producers, restaurants, retail chains and other food handlers to kill paperwork and make food safe to avoid deaths related to poor food safety. It will be 100 million company 5 years from now.

New Laravel engineer will have a lot of freedom, learning and and opportunity for self-actualization. In our team you can see that there is direct effect of the business from your work.
We are looking also someone with potential to become back end team leader who can make sure all code is of quality and delivered regularly without product owner needing to worry.

Since we are ready to offer option program for the great work then the developer cannot so subcontractors are not welcome.

We are expecting that
– you will impress us with the skills and ability to get things done.
– you can go through hell and high water to get things done
– you are using best technologies and best practices
– attention to detail and delivery as described
– if task does not make sense then not coding stupidness but asking to clarify the task
– quality code without signs of sloppiness

We are taking this hiring very seriously and a lot depends on screening questions so do not rush to apply, this position will not be closed in a few days.