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Fullstack webdeveloper needed to create a prototype of a marketplace (possible long-term contract)

We are looking for one or two (maybe a team of two?) full-stack developers that can make the first MVP version of our marketplace. We are looking for a friendly, patient, hardworking and experienced person, that is fluent in english.

There are many companies that contact me, Im looking for one or two self-employeed people. If Im even going to consider a company, it needs to a very small team that is flexible.

We are a start-up of two people working on a new project – a marketplace for health care workers on the Norwegian market. We need a person that can in times work full-time on this project. Preferable from Eastern-Europe, because of similar culture and timezone (and to be honest, lower hourly rate than other European countries).

You will need to be both creative, structured and be able to think yourself.

The project will be run on an agile approach, where we will have meetings 3-5 times a week on afternoons, to go through the work that has been done and discuss future work. I personally have some front-end development experience (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and will to some degree participate in the development, but most of the work will be handled by you. We will also have a local (friendly) developer that will do code reviews – do not worry, he is a very nice guy.

We will handle over sketches of all pages and I will take care of all illustrations. We use the software Sketch for this. We are currently finalizing the first flow of the two-sided marketplace and aim to have everything ready for development within 1-2 weeks. You will also be given detailed specifications.
Meanwhile you can start setting up the infrastructure. As of now, we are using Digitalocean to host the application, but we are open for other suggestions.

It is important for us that you can focus your time to deliver this project and we will have plenty of work for you after the first version is released.

I will go into more details with 2-3 interesting applicants (introduce you to the concept, take you through sketches and our thoughts etc.). We are open for input on other technologies, but we want a the following stack: HTML/CSS (Bootstrap 4), Vue for Javascript, NodeJS, MongoDB or Postregress (preferred).

NB: I can see that many of the applications have experience in Laravel, Im looking for someone with experience with NodeJS. That is a requirement from my side. No need to apply without this competence.

An rough overview of functionality for the first phase:

– Landingpage (front-page).
– Authentification / Autorization (for users and partners). We want users to authenticate with phonenumber. We`ve looked into using auth0, but are open for input here. Maybe custom code?
– Messaging – Custom or using Pusher.
– User profile.
– Partner profile.
– Job creating.
– Job listing.
– Job matching (county and gender).

Administrationpanel, payment integration etc. will come in phase 2 or 3.

People write an introduction letter about yourself, your work situation and earlier work.

You will be part of our team the next couple of weeks and months (if we choose to go forward with you), so its important that there is good chemetry between us.

We have a lot of experience running projects with developers abroad.

Looking forward to hear from you!