integrate the fitbit activity api into laravel

Need a developer to integrate the fitbit api into laravel as a clean organize model with view.

I need to have it integrated with clean install of

For authentication I would like to use the socialite module

I need basic views created as well that allow the user to do the following:

1. choose to connect to fitbit yes/no if yes this will be stored in the db and the user can navigate to this page later and choose to stop connecting to fitbit

2. if the user chooses to connect to fitbit, he is redirected to the fitbit authenticate and connect screen the api will do the work aprove the user and refer them back to the refer link specified in the api. This page should show the user a message that the connection was successful.

3. a screen that shows the latest activity data for the user this information is grabbed on schedule/cron job after the user approves the data should obviously not save duplicate data but the last activity date field should be saved and then passed into the call as the start date for the data…. lets just use a standard bootstrap tables for now the vagrant vanguard application uses bootstrap for all views so let’s just piggy back on that…

for the test domain let’s please use so when you create the api in fitbit and get the tokens you have to define a refer uri so that way you can include this domain and i can use it locally for testing as well I can change this info out to a new application token/code later once we have tested everything and it works.

I need this done in one day or two max please if you know how to work with laravel and oauth this should be straight forward. Timing is very important.

Thank you