Laravel developer for administration/CMS

We are looking for an experienced laravel developer, who can help create a custom CMS admin interface for a website.

The current project is taking a modular approach. Meaning the admins of the future website, should be able to build their own pages with preset modules from the CMS administration.
Somewhat down the alley of custom modules for pagebuilders in wordpress.

Besides the modular approach, the site itself is rather normal.
Besides pages, it will include news and categories, menu handling.

Your task would solely be the CMS admin. It is a headless setup, meaning that laravel will handle all the admin and none of what the “frontend/none admin” users will see. The frontend (excluding admin) will be generated from react/API.

Please let us know of your prior experience building modular setups using Laravel and provide links if possible.
Would you recommend any specific tools/plugins or approaches for this?

Looking forward.