Laravel Developer for existing web app

We have a web application, and are looking to continue development by making it SaaS compatible. More details on the app itself can be discussed privately.

The application is built upon:
– PHP/Laravel
– Vue.js (frontend)
– Bootstrap 4
– JS

Ideally, we’re looking for a long term partner who can continue to build out additional features with us, as the app is constantly growing.

Brief description of the app:
The application is meant to be divided into cities, with users of that particular city being able to register for the app within their community. Once registered, they can add their info, make payments, and manage their assets.

What we need:
The app currently works as a ‘single install’, and we need to change the app into a multi-tenant SaaS app. Each city would be a tenant, with users only being able to see data within their city. Super admins would be able to manage multiple cities and global app settings through a super admin dashboard.

The entire process would be similar to Slack, where your workspace ( is the tenant, and there’s multiple users within your space. (Note, our app isn’t a chat app).

Who we’re looking for:
The ideal candidate is extremely well versed in PHP/Laravel, and multi-tenant SaaS apps. We have front-end developers and designers who can help with the front-end design, if needed. Solid English is mandatory.

We’re also looking for someone who we can work with long-term, as the app is constantly growing, so we’ll be continually returning to you for additional work. If you’ve read this far, please start your application with the word “Blue”.

We will be willing to provide additional details over chat!