Laravel / Vue.js Developer for Dutch Startup

We are looking for a great Laravel & Vue.js Developer to join a vibrant Dutch startup team. We are building a beautiful SaaS with the amazing Laravel PHP Framework and VueJS. Tasks wil be:

– Module customizations (VueJS Components) / new and existing
– Payment calculations for bookings creation (discounts/ monthly/yearly)
– ACL – Users & Groups / Authentication expansion (Laravel/Bootstrap/Metronic Theme)
– Integrate SOAP Domain API further ( custom domain migration, MX records storage for third party email integration)
– REST API Payment Service Provider Integration ( in progress)
– Bookkeeping API Integration

Your skills:

– Laravel PHP / OOP PHP
– VueJS and JavaScript (app is 87% JS and 3% Vue)
– Deployer / Forge /Git(hub)
– LEMP / Digital Ocean

*You will be working together with our CTO/Project Manager and Lead Developer
*Majority of the app is Frontend or JS/Vue so your frontend Foo needs to be strong. Laravel cannot be neglected either though.
* Interview will be held and test task will need to be done successfully.
* NDA has to be signed