Laravel & VueJS Developer – 5+ years experience

I have built a web app using Laravel 5.4 as the backend and VueJS 2 as the frontend and I am looking to expand to another developer. This would be a long-term relationship with on-demand part-time work and possibly future projects if everything works out.
Right now I need someone that is very knowledgeable with Laravel 5.4+ and VueJS 2+ and I would prefer someone that has worked with October CMS before.
My vision is to create several new web apps with October CMS, but I need the front-end to be completely SPA eventually, so knowledge of VueJS 2 and Vuex is a must. In the beginning I am okay with creating the views using PHP or a framework like Twig, but I will eventually need to change this, so I’d preferably like to start that now if possible. Please provide your feedback on how you would accomplish this.

Original application is at (link removed)