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Looking for a Laravel 5.6 Developer to upgrade Social Media Tool

Hi , I am looking for an experienced Laravel 5.5 Developer to upgrade

I am a hobby developer myself and created the current base of the site, but since this is a side project I don’t have much time to extend it with the features it needs to grow.

I have moved the project to a private github repository and turned it into a docker based infrastructure currenty hosted on DigitalOcean.

These are the features I want to add, sorted by priority:
– Membership with Credit Based Payments via Stripe (Main Focus)
– Reskin with a nice Bootstrap 4 Template (you don’t need to design, just integrate a template, that I will buy)
– Add a WordPress Blog and make it look similiar to the main site (doesnt have to be perfect, function over form)
– Small fixes and enhancements

You should have experience with Payments in Laravel in combination with Stripe. Your communication should be very clear and straight to the point. I want clean working code with a focus on important functions. I don’t need an Admin Panel and also no Tests. The site isn’t that complex.

Please state how many hours you expect for the main tasks. Use the word “pingroupie” as your first word on your application.

We will work in a private github repository of mine and will probably use slack or discord to communicate. I am easy to work with as I am a dev myself 😉

You have to use best practice in your Code and stay close to the intended “Laravel Way”. The code should be well documented, so other Devs may easily join later.

I think thats enough for now. More details in an interview 😉