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Need a Senior Full-Stack Developer for web and SaaS projects

We are looking for a full-time senior full-stack developer to join our company, become a dedicated part of our team, and contribute to our website and SaaS projects.

LeanRank uses innovative software of its own devising to operate and rank niche websites. A young, international company, LeanRank runs dozens of websites in niches ranging from SEO to home security and website hosting. LeanRank engineers have created a suite of easy-to-use SEO and marketing tools that help customers track, analyze, and refine digital marketing efforts. LeanRank builds sustainable businesses through affiliate marketing and white hat SEO strategies with a global team that consists of more than 200 committed over-achievers from 20 countries, including designers, content writers, SEO experts, programmers, digital marketers, and more.


– Languages: PHP, Python & JavaScript
– Web App Frameworks: Laravel & Django
– Devops: Rapid DevOps workflow development
– Security: FastComet, AWS, Digital Ocean and other apps
– Scraping/Data Mining: Web scraping in Python and Scrapy
– Machine Learning: Basic understanding of ML (finding and training models)
– Extra points: Angular or vue.js


– Project Types:
Examples of previous issues:
DDOS attacks
Injected malware to WordPress sets
Penetrated servers and file manipulations

– Scraping/Data Mining:
Business Intelligence Tool: Scrape data or work with existing API’s to create data visualizations of our operations. This includes scraping affiliate dashboards for daily revenue analysis, monitoring our email outreach department and creating a quantitative view of our other departments.

– Webapps:
Commercial applications to be built.