PDF report design/formatting specialist.


Our software creates reports based on a bunch of data gathered in our system.

The Reports/PDF’s is our user’s final product, what they deliver to they clients: So it has to look good!

We have more similar reports under development, and the PDF visual apperance is key to this product/service’s success for ALL current and future reports.

And that is where you come in.

Are you the person that can be the “master of apperance” when it comes to generating these reports?

here is what you should know:

– reports consist of static elements (beginning and end), but mainly dynamic amount of text and tables (same format on everything, but the variable is amount!) from report

– Our main problem (for our current report) is page splitting rules and restrictions.

– for now the first reports are complete (except the page splitting thing) and this initial job is for that part only.

– Start your application with “hi Robert” so I know you actually read this.

– Looking to have an ongoing relationship where your skills and knowledge can be accessible “on demand” (not 24/7 or anything, but schedule meetings as we keep developing)
-Laravel, php, html, PDF.

Looking forward to hearing from you.