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PHP Developer (Laravel specialist) for large SaaS+platform project

Seeking backend developer specializing in PHP and Laravel for a SaaS + platform project.

* You will be the primary backend developer.
* Data models will generally be provided, though you may need to make recommendations or optimizations.
* Server provisioning and management will be done through Laravel Forge.
* Deployment will be handled by Laravel Envoyer.
* Most frontend/presentation code will be provided.

The application must be stateless and horizontally scalable.

To achieve this, we will leverage Laravel’s native subdomain routing and a distributed server architecture which will include a dedicated session server and a dedicated auth server.

For more details about the various subdomains and the application architecture, see attachment.


In addition to hourly compensation, equity/shares in the company MAY be an option for a candidate with an ability to commit to the long-term success of the project.

Due to the sheer scope of the project and the anticipated number of billable hours necessary to complete the minimum viable product, we are seeking to hire at a rate < $20/hr.

Upon completion of the MVP, we will be pursuing angel investment, and increased compensation may be available at that time.


Expert in:

* Modern OOP PHP 7.x development utilizing best practices, including SOLID and DRY
* Identifying bugs and/or breaking changes via IDE tools, static analyzers, and unit tests
* All aspects of the Laravel framework
* RESTful API design, development, and documentation

Intermediate or higher:

* Ubuntu command line
* JavaScript and Vue.js
* the JavaScript Fetch API and/or Axios
* Git & GitHub

Entry level or higher:

* CSS3
* Bootstrap 4.x

Other requirements:

* Fluent in English
* Available for communication (Trello, and possibly Slack) on a regular schedule
* Freelancers only, no agencies.

Not required, but helpful:

* Experience with Laravel Nova for building admin panels


Looking to begin the first stage of the project in June. There is currently no hard deadline on when the "minimum viable product" must be completed.

The first stage includes:

* Initial application setup (including migrations for selected models)
* Admin panel (Laravel Nova) setup, including CRUD for selected resources
* Auth and SSO setup (including any related API endpoints)

There will then be an intermission before proceeding to the next stage. This will allow time to prepare frontend UI, finalize additional models, and work out remaining details such as user permissions.

After this intermission, the next stage will focus primarily on functionality related to users, teams, permissions, and various aspects of the user-facing platform.

The next stage will focus on a web application which will be a crucial part of the overall platform offering, and will by itself be a sizeable project.

In the last stage, various aspects of the core product will be introduced. Much of the core product code will be provided, and you'll just need to wrap an API around it. Other aspects of the core may need to be written by you, or, you may be asked to refactor and optimize existing core product code.


If hired, you will be required to sign a confidentiality and intellectual property assignment agreement with a US corporate entity.

All work product will belong to the entity and cannot be discussed, shared, or privately reused. Violation of this agreement may result in litigation either in the US, in your home country (if applicable), or both.