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PHP Developer – Specialist in Kohana, Laravel and MS SQL

We seek a PHP developer with Kohana and Laravel MVC framework experience and full LAMP stack development skills. Additionally someone with experience with both MySQL and MS SQL query writing, MS SQL database administration. We develop PHP applications, running most on the LAMP stack but some on Windows/IIS, so knowledge of IIS is also important.

The focus of the position is back-end developent. However, it is also desireable if you have front-end (HTML, CSS, javascript) skills. We’re very interested in applicants that hav experience developing SOA and APIs in Laravel.

This position is a best fit for experienced developers that are first and foremost, problem solvers and analysts. This means able to analyze requirements and existing code, developing a deeper understanding and implementing accordingly. It does not mean primary or exclusive reliance on Google search or Stack Overflow.

A number of our projects have won important awards in recent years and we continue to expand into cutting edge specialties like mass customization in e-commerce, video / media integration, data visualization, e-government, and more. We are seeking long term work relationships with individual developers and are loyal to those showing responsibility, fairness and loyalty in return.

We will initially engage you in one or two paid test projects on a fixed price basis. The details of these projects will be shared if you are chosen for an interview. Upon successful completion, we will engage you to work on a number of secure portal projects based on Kohana PHP.


1. 6+ years of experience with PHP application development preferably with Kohana HMVC framework and at least 4 years experience with Laravel.
2. Experience working with MS SQL, especially 2008 r2 and Windows/IIS.
3. Front-end coding skills including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQUERY
4. Available to work during times that overlap for at least 50% of east coast US business hours 9 AM – 6 PM US)
5. Full LAMP skills including basic IT / system administration skills (e.g., setup and debug apache configuration files, tweak .htaccess, run Git commands in command line, adjust DNS, etc., NOT do an actual system build)
6. Excellent demonstrated problem solving and analytical skills – people are more likely to turn to you for answers than the reverse.
7. Positive attitude, enthusiastic
8. Reliable and responsible; able and willing to commit to estimates and timeframes, with a track record of meeting those commitments.
9. Communicative – open with us about challenges faced during development, and willingness to engage us to find workarounds, or seek advice from others
10. Able to produce quality code in a reasonable amount of time. Testing of your own code for errors before committing to Git or telling us something is done.
11. Use best practices like Git, project management tools, and constant documentation of code as your create it, contribute to project documentation in Word or in Confluence wiki articles.

WORK POLICIES (please review carefully before applying)

1. We ask that every applicant invest their own time to estimate the test tasks and setup a dev environment for each project, no exceptions.
2. For the test project, you will provide us with a time estimate / cost. We will pay you 50% of that cost after you complete 50% of the tasks, and the remainder plus reasonable overage when you complete 100% of the tasks. After these, we move toward hourly billings against project estimates for most projects.
3. Availability to work during US work hours and occasional after hours availability to meet deadlines
4. Quick turnaround to requests, e-mail communications
5. Thorough and ongoing documentation of code
6. You will not outsource this task or other tasks to other individuals or groups without our express prior permission
7. We require use of a third party time tracker – Time Doctor – for tracking time, rather than Upwork’s tracker, since it integrates with our project management system. You’ll enter hour logs manually in Upwork.
8. Prior to working with us you will need to sign a freelancer agreement which includes an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect our clients’ information.
9. If we agree to move forward, we may conduct a background check and you will sign our standard employment agreement as well.
10. We pay hourly, but we expect our contractors to meet their commitments in terms of timeframe and time estimates. We structure compensation accordingly. Skilled developers who are problem solvers will have no problem with this.