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Php developer to polish our e-learning site done with Laravel

I need a php developer who knows laravel and vue.js to help us improving our current e-learning script. We have a great developer in the team who has made it great, but need some help to modify some aspects of it (such as adding an e-commerce module).
Our original script was this one:

But we have polished it a lot and added new features, etc.

At this moment users can buy a single course and it works great (there is not a market cart, and it is perfect), but now the goal is to add a new section for e-commerce. We know to develop a whole e-commerce set of options inside our current e-learning platform from scratch could be a bit crazy, so the idea is to add a new e-commerce script to the server, which works independently as a new section and where we can manage articles to be sold online with a shopping cart, categories etc. That way user could buy independently any course, but also can go to the e-commerce section and buy for example 3 units of a book, using a regular e-commerce process.

The challenge: To add the new script in a way the current users log in to the current e-learning site we have with their current username and password, and they can also go to the e-commerce area (with the new development) and be able to buy without login again.

For the new development of the e-commerce we have considered this script: