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Port ProLawyer (GPL software) on Laravel/Vue.js/Bootstrap


Prolawyer is a GPL-licensed legal firm software.

But it hasn’t evolved for years.

I’d like you to create a fork on GitHub and port this software on a modern backend and frontend – I would prefer Lavarel/Vue.js/Bootstrap stack. Database has to stay on MySQL.

Once the port done and the code cleaned, you’ll be asked to develop new features (invoice reminders, split invoicing, different invoice format, better timesheet, etc.).

I will pay by hour. What I expect from you is a simple backlog and prediction on timing/costs. A 1st working version has to be available ASAP.

*As the code is written partially in french you have to understand that language or, at least, understand it through usual translators*

*** I am not affiliated with the original developper of this programm ***