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Provide on-going support for custom built application

We have a custom built directory application that runs on our website connecting to a third party database/CRM using its API for which we need ongoing support to ensure the application functions as it should, and address any issues should they arise.

This application is built on the following:
• Laravel Framework
• NodeJS: Middleware
• AngularJS
• Linux OS

Here is a link to the application:

There is also a second application, built on the same frameworks and using the same API/database:

Attached is the documentation for this application.

We’d like to arrange an ongoing support contract with someone who can thoroughly understand this application and ensure that it runs as it should, as well as make any fixes should they be needed. We would want to sent a monthly retainer/service fee for the ongoing support, and then can pay an hourly fee in the event any fixes are needed.