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React Native mobile app: need build errors fixed, screens fixed, audio/video recording & editing

We have been building a large social media, marketplace, and recording studio app. We currently have four developers working on it but there are issues when some of the devs try to run the app; the build fails and gives various errors. We need these errors fixed.

Secondly, we are building a studio where users can invite collaborators and work together in realtime – importing, recording, and editing video and audio. We need the realtime API to be integrated, we need the bridge module that we are using for the audio to be updated since the native API we are using for the audio was also updated, and we need audio effects from that new native API to be added. We also need editing tools like split, copy, paste, delete, export, import.

Third, there are mistakes in the frontend screens and they do not all match each other because we had different developers working on the screens. So we need mistakes in certain screens to be corrected.

Lastly, since we have multiple developers working, we need someone who can review their code before it gets merged to the master file and check for errors. You should be comfortable with both frontend and backend. We are using PHP+laravel for the backend.

Unfortunately, we are a startup so our funds are limited. We need someone who can quickly understand the project requirements and act upon them quickly, so as not to waste our funds. We also have a tight deadline since our project was supposed to be launched in August and so we are several months behind already. We are trying to finish the remaining tasks and get the app up on TestFlight asap. If we like your work, we will consider you for additional long-term work in the future as well, since we have several investors interested but they want to see the app launched first. Looking forward to your proposal.