Resize Linode disk

I have a PHP website that needed an upgrade to both PHP and Laravel. Recently, a developer was going to rebuild it on the latest versions while keeping the live site active, so we doubled my Linode (Linux node) plan from 1GB to 2GB. But it turned out to be more challenging than he thought, so we parted ways, and I hired someone who did the sequential updates rather than rebuild. (I deleted the folder where the previous developer had started the new version.)

Now I want to resize my disc/monthly plan from 2GB back to 1GB. This looks easy enough from inside my account page but I am getting the message:
“Linode has allocated more disc than new plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller.”
Please see the attached image for details.

So while there are lots of tasks to complete on the site, I would like to take care of this first, which I’m guessing is fairly simple for someone who knows what he is doing. The ideal candidate would be a) familiar with Linode and b) interested in more work beyond what is sought in this post.

This is a kind of ecommerce site for art and photography. It used to have over 1,100 uploaded image files but I just went through and deleted most of them, since my plans for the site have changed, so now there’s only 52 uploaded images.

Linux, Apache, Ubuntu, PHP 7.3, Bootstrap, Laravel 5.8, MySQL, HTML-5, Cloudflare

– Please don’t take shortcuts
– Please use best practices
– Please ask me if you have questions