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Software Engineer – Web Application Dashboard Design/Development – React.js, Jquery, Bootstrap..

User Experience Designer and Developer
Front-End Web Application Developer

We are seeking an experienced front-end, UI/UX web developer that specializes in working with high quality web services and applications. This position will have the responsibilities of designing, building, and delivering clean, reliable, and cross-browser compatible front-end user interfaces for web applications. Must write clean well organized code. Scaleable front-ends. You will be assisting in the front data visualization and communication to pull data to put in graphs and tables, while enhancing the user experience.

As a front-end / UI web application developer for us, you will be playing an integral role in a company that is quickly scaling and evolving. It is your responsibility to develop a user-friendly interface that facilitates the various aspects of the application and the actions of its users. This entails designing the sleek, yet effective, look and feel of the application, as well as convert the design into usable HTML/CSS/Javascript code.

The qualifications below list both the required, and recommended experience, knowledge, and skills needed to be eligible for this position.

Required experience / qualifications:
– Ability to pull data from the database and display in bootstrap theme, elegant and simple data visualization
– 5 years or more of practical experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript (primarily jQuery)
– Ability to mock early versions of design in Photoshop or related image-editing software
– BS in Computer Science or related field (or equivalent work experience)
– A solid foundation in coding and designing according to best practices, cross-browser compatibility, and web-responsiveness
– Basic understanding of server-side scripting and back-end web development (Laravel, MySQL)
– Passionate individual, client driven.

Additional / recommended:
– Experience coding and constructing web server environments (PHP, MySQL, Apache)
– Experience with Laravel Framework

– Relevant List

Please have ready the following:
– An up-to-date résumé
– A portfolio that showcases your work and skills as a front-end / UI web developer, meaning you designed or helped design the dashboard, and coded/implemented it to production ready data.
– Presentable sample scripts and code you have written

Start Date: Immediately