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Update our Online Admin System – Laravel and vue.js

Our company has a web-based admin system to help us keep track of orders and projects for our clients. Basic things you can do are create clients, staff, orders, services, workflows, configure workflows, etc. There are three things we need:

1) The system is functional but buggy. So we need the bugs cleaned up.
2) I have come up with some improvements to the UI, so I need those new screens developed and integrated with the system (more or less same functionality that is already there, just new screens).
3) I want to add a new feature, which is invoicing and online ordering (including payment gateway integration).

The list of new screens we need, including new designs for existing features, and new features, are:
– Services, add-ons, workflow management (list and create/edit)
– Add/edit order, configure jobs, order list screen, assign tasks
– Invoice list screen and add/edit invoice.
– Online ordering.

Will provide complete specifications to shortlisted applicants.

Please only bid if you’re comfortable working on a flat rate, milestone basis.

First milestone will be HTML. Next will be documentation, which will be FSD documentation. Then will be back end work (which can be broken into milestones, maybe updates first, then new functionality). I’m attaching an example of the kind of FSD documentation I mean.

Thank you.